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We have a LOT of tea to choose from! Not sure what's for you?

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Hey There!

Cosplay Cafe is a nerdy tea company on wheels! From L.A. to San Francisco, we travel wherever fun, tea and cute costumes are needed.


You can find us at the Cherry Bean in Salinas ever Saturday from 10-3. Come by early (10-11) to show off your coolest cosplay and snag a 10% discount on whatever you buy!


We're always looking to expand to new frontiers. Keep an eye on our schedule; we may be coming your way soon!


We really look forward to meeting you!

Join Our Community

Cosplay Café invites all customers to connect with us and grow the Cosplay Community!


Share your favorite cosplay moments with us and trade costume tips with other local cosplayers in our warm and welcoming Facebook group, and if you see us out in the wild, don't hesitate to take a picture with us. We're always happy to see you!

More than TEA

On top of our luxurious tea blends, a special space has been set aside for cosplay merchandise!


We have a whole bunch of stickers, candy and cute accessories for you to check out. Never wait for the convention again!

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